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Upgrade your old lighting system with the next generation of LED luminaires without spending extra money.

You have the opportunity to benefit from our partners’ ESCO (Energy Service Company) financing service and reduce your energy costs with little or no investment of your own money.

Kaip tai veikia?  How does it work? Old-style luminaires consume up to 80% more electricity than modern LED. The savings go towards the payment of the new lighting system already installed (instalments). In this way, you will avoid both the initial investment and the increase in running costs, and you will already enjoy the benefits of a modern lighting system. And at the end of the instalment period, you will see a significant reduction in your energy costs.

In just 6 steps you will have an efficient lighting service system without leaving your office.

With this luminaire modernisation service, you will get:

  • An accurate lighting diagnosis of the old system;
  • A new lighting design based on photo-metric calculations;
  • New generation LED luminaires with a 5-year warranty;
  • Efficient and more convenient light control;
  • A positive economic effect on your financial flows.

We will take care of all the processes involved in replacing and servicing your luminaires. Our service is innovative and without any risk to the end user.

This service is particularly useful for car park managers, commercial buildings, warehouse building administrators, logistics centres.

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