Industrial lighting

Efficient LED light solutions

Financing LED luminaires

Modernise your old lighting system with the next generation of LED luminaires without breaking the bank.

Lighting design

We design lighting systems to meet your company’s specific needs.

Manufacture of LED luminaires

We design and manufacture technologically advanced and efficient LED luminaires using only the highest quality components.

Lighting Diagnosis

Information that helps you to evaluate and make decisions on light modernisation and discover new opportunities.

Installation of LED luminaires

Reliable qualified electricians will replace and install new LED luminaires in commercial and industrial premises.

Independent audit

Lighting audits by a certified energy expert for your company management. The auditor will evaluate and prepare a report on the lighting modernisation.

Lighting solutions

Our solutions guarantee a long-life cycle of the lighting system and efficient energy consumption. We manufacture our luminaires in Lithuania, using only the highest quality components from reliable manufacturers. Our LED luminaires are manufactured with careful consideration of the specifics of your business processes and the individual aspects of your premises. Professionally designed LED industrial lighting improves employee safety, work efficiency, and provides comfort for every working day.

Financial benefits

With our LED solutions, customers save on average 57% on energy costs.


We develop, design and implement more efficient lighting solutions for you in a comprehensive, careful and individual way.

Up to 95% of the luminaire is recyclable

Visi LED šviestuvai pagaminti iš aplinkai draugiškų medžiagų. Perdirbama iki 95 % šviestuvo.


5 years warranty.