ATENDO activities

We help responsible and ambitious businesses increase their profitability. We do it simply, directly – through significant energy cost savings. However, Atendo’s lighting and disinfection solutions also pay off in other important business areas. Less errors and illnesses – more productivity, employee satisfaction and motivation. Sustainability, care for people and profit growth – with Atendo, these fine ideas don’t just remain mere declarations, but are embodied in practical and rewarding solutions.

ATENDO benefits.

Our formula

Profitability + Responsibility = Growth


Visible reductions in energy costs are the most obvious but far from the only economic benefits of Atendo solutions. Efficient lighting and disinfection solutions create better conditions for productive work and improve employee enthusiasm, as well as loyalty.


Atendo’s solutions are a responsibility not only to nature, but also to people. And it’s not just a catchy phrase, because Atendo is about caring for everyone. For the business owner, Atendo not only helps to save money, but also to do it in a sustainable and responsible way. For managers, Atendo gives the opportunity to take care of their employees and improve their processes. And Atendo’s care for employees means a safer, healthier and more comfortable workplace environment.


Significant cost reductions, increased productivity, smoother processes and more motivated employees are the prerequisites for accelerating sustainable and responsible business growth.

Cooperation with scientists

Naturally, scientists and entrepreneurs see the world in slightly different ways. This can be seen as a challenge to more fruitful cooperation between business and science. But we see opportunities here – because different perspectives allow us to find innovative, balanced and practically useful solutions. Working with Lithuanian scientists, we have had the opportunity to bring to the market disinfection solutions that are completely different, friendly to people and the environment. We will continue our cooperation, improving existing products and developing new ones. We are happy to contribute to making scientific advances improve both business processes and our daily lives.

Unique solutions for your company

No two companies are the same among the hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. Every company, every business has its own peculiarities. We try to be attentive to your uniqueness. Understanding that, for example, the lighting needs of the food industry and microprocessor manufacturing companies are fundamentally different, we offer solutions tailored specifically to your business. Our experience and expertise gained through collaboration with scientists and in-depth customer insight allows us to identify your exact needs and find the solution that is uniquely effective for you.

A word from the CEO of ATENDO

Is it necessary to choose between sustainable responsibility and higher profits? Between being pragmatic and caring for your employees? Between being a successful businessman and being a morally responsible person? I believe that these questions come not only to me, but also to many entrepreneurs and managers. However, I believe that answering these questions does not require compromise – it is possible to implement the principle of “and – and”. Environmentally friendly solutions can increase profitability. Investments in caring for employees can and must pay off. Acting responsibly is about expanding opportunities, not about restrictions. It is all based on an attentive, responsible and creative attitudes and mindsets.