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Atendo Germ Guard Air Gabija


Available on backorder

The UVC LED panel safely disinfects indoor air without interrupting your work routine. The systems are available with or without a lighting function as required.

Delivery time is 2-4 weeks

Available on backorder


Atendo Germ Guard Air Gabija is a portable air purifier which safely and effectively disinfects and cleans indoor air not only from viruses but also from large and small particles. This is done with the help of useful sensors and filter integrated in the device. The air purifier has a particularly attractive appearance due to the chosen aesthetic and modern design which will fit into any modern interior at a workplace or at home.

Air disinfection and cleaning without chemicals will not only reduce pollution, but also will contribute to better indoor air quality and everyone’s health by breathing clean and healthy air.

The device effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, fungal and ensures clean indoor air every hour. Portable air filtration has never been so simple and effective.

The ‘Gabija’ device supports 3 different operating speeds.

Moreover, one device will allow you not only to have clean and healthy indoor air, but also to monitor the change in air quality because the device is equipped with such sensors as: CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), VOC (volatile organic compounds).  The device also shows the indoor air temperature and air humidity which must be maintained at 45-55%. Moreover, if needed, a mold monitoring indicator can be additionally programmed, which, using room temperature and humidity data, provides information about the possible occurrence of mold in the premises. In addition, the device has an integrated small laser PM sensor that detects ultra-fine particles in the air and further ensures clean air.

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