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Atendo Steril Air Pro (1600 k)

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Atendo Steril Air Pro (1600k) disinfection panel safely disinfects indoor air without interrupting the working rhythm.

Delivery time is 2-4 weeks


Atendo Steril Air Pro is a multi-stage air disinfection system that combines the bactericidal properties of ultraviolet rays C (UVC) and a filter with carbon that detects large particles, inactivates them and reduces odours and collects dust in the air.

Atendo Steril Air Pro is activated when motion is detected in the room because it has an integrated motion sensor.

UVC radiation is isolated in the device, so the device can be used when there are people in the room.

This is a perfect decision for all types of buildings and spaces, new constructions and old buildings.

Innovative UVC LED disinfection devices help companies and their employees create a psychologically balanced, stable environment and physically safe conditions for productive work.

✓ UVC LED air disinfection system safely disinfects indoor air while people are in the premises.

✓ The system turns on automatically – the motion sensor detects activity in the premises.

✓ One UVC LED air disinfection system can disinfect the premise of up to 60 m².

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