We work with engineering companies, the best LED component manufacturers and independent testing companies to develop LED luminaires. This ensures that you get advanced lighting solutions that increase the efficiency of your business every day.

As independent developers, we have the flexibility to select only the most efficient individual components to ensure durability and quality light. Here are some of the technological solutions that our luminaires feature.

In LED (Light-Emitting Diode) luminaires, we offer customers the latest generation of Samsung’s mid-power LED package, which has the highest efficiency in the industry: 220 lumens per watt.

Another important component is the power supply. The lifetime and controllability of the luminaire depend on it. We currently use OSRAM and Helvar power supplies that are designed for professional and long-term use.

We also use other reliable solutions in our products, such as a wide range of specially adapted optics. For LED luminaires, we offer optics with different lighting angles.

Optics can be used to control colour uniformity, even illumination at the target location and avoid glare.

The special modular structure of the optics also allows the lenses to be adapted for main lighting or interior architecture.

 Thanks to our knowledge and technology, we help companies to operate responsibly and sustainably, as our luminaires allow them to combine cost-effectiveness and lighting performance.

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